Below, you will find all of the archives for The Vonu Podcast. They are divided by seasons (1, 2, 3, Intermission Episodes, and TVP Interviews).

Season 1:  The Philosophy of Vonu (13)

  1. An Introduction to Vonu
  2. Anarchic Vonu, Part 1
  3. Anarchic Vonu, Part 2
  4. Legal Interstices – Are You Exempted from Tyranny?
  5. Political Crusading, Bullshit Libertarianism, Sheep People, & Bullshitters
  6. Controlled Schizophrenia – Freedom or Neurosis?
  7. Collective Movementism: The God from the Machine?
  8. Libertarians & Coercivists
  9. A Primer on the Servile Society
  10. Mean-Time to Harassment – Gauging Your Success at Vonu
  11. A Case for Non-Coercion Based on Rational Self-Interest
  12. Libertarians & Coercivists Redux
  13. Concluding Season 1

Season 2: The Practice of Vonu (21)

  1. Financial Independence: The Utility of Import-Export, Part 1
  2. Financial Independence: The Utility of Import-Export, Part 2
  3. Ethical Enclaves: The Precursor to Agorism, Part 1
  4. Ethical Enclaves: The Precursor to Agorism, Part 2
  5. Free Isles and Free Ports: The Founding of New Libertarian Countries
  6. Case Studies in New Libertarian Nations and Free Ports
  7. Intentional Communities – A Vonu Association?
  8. Local Congregations – A Political Crusader’s Dream Come True?
  9. Local Areas of Liberty – The Verdict
  10. Crypto-Anarchism – The Marriage of Security Culture & Vonu
  11. Strategic Relocation – Seeking Out the Promise Land of Liberty
  12. Country Shopping – Practical Expatriation
  13. Minimalist Sailboating – Setting Sail for Sunnier Waters?
  14. Van Nomadism – Modern Gypsies
  15. Vonu Shelters – Invulnerable Home Bases
  16. Food Storage – The Origins of Survivalism
  17. Vonuing Together – Selecting a Freemate
  18. Avenging Angels – Counter-Attacking the State
  19. Vonu in Cities
  20. Self-Liberational Media
  21. Self-Seeking – Concluding Season 2

Season 3: The Expansion of Vonu (79)

  1. The Expansion of Vonu (Season 3 Introduction)
  2. How to Exorcise Those Collectivist Spooks
  3. Exercising Liberty – How to Utilize Legal Interstices Effectively
  4. Financial Independence – Unjobbing & Freelancing
  5. Financial Independence – Start A Lifestyle Business
  6. Financial Independence – Entrepreneurial Start-Ups & Intensive Saving
  7. Van Nomadism – “Without Bound” Documentary
  8. Van Nomadism – Choosing A Vehicle For Living Aboard
  9. Van Nomadism – The Conversion
  10. Van Nomadism – Making A Living On The Road
  11. Van Nomadism – The Modern Van Nomad Community & Miscellaneous Necessities
  12. Van Nomadism – Obstacles and Conclusion
  13. Crypto-Anarchism: Introduction
  14. Crypto-Anarchism: Blockchain Technology – Uses for Self-Liberators
  15. Crypto-Anarchism: Keeping Communications Secure – The Importance of Encryption
  16. Crypto-Anarchism: Mesh Networking – Applications for Self-Liberators with Brian Sovryn
  17. Crypto-Anarchism: ZeroNet – Decentralized, Uncensorable Websites
  18. Crypto-Anarchism: Digital Second Realms – The Deep Web & Decentralized Marketplaces
  19. Crypto-Anarchism: Anonymous and Encrypted Phones – Is It Possible?
  20. Crypto-Anarchism: Manufacturing The Means of Self-Defense – 3D Printing and Ghost Gunning
  21. Crypto-Anarchism: Darklance and ContentSafe.co with Matthew Raymer
  22. Crypto-Anarchism: The Crypto-Anarchist Life with Smuggler
  23. Crypto-Anarchism: Deterrence Dispensed with IvanTheTroll
  24. Crypto-Anarchism: Gun Printing 101 with IvanTheTroll
  25. Crypto-Anarchism: The Cypherpunk Life with CipherAssassin
  26. Crypto-Anarchism: The Four Theives Vinegar Collective with Dr. Michael Laufer
  27. Crypto-Anarchism: Homebrew Cyberweapons for Fun and Profit with Jamin Biconik
  28. Crypto-Anarchism: The Proliferation of Bitcoin Privacy/Security Tools with Max Hillebrand
  29. Crypto-Anarchism: The Nodl – Your Personal Bitcoin Assistant
  30. Crypto-Anarchism: Mesh Networking and Off-Grid Bitcoin with Richard Myers
  31. Crypto-Anarchism: “The War is Lost,” But Bitcoin Fixes This
  32. Crypto-Anarchism: The Fog of Cryptowar with Smuggler
  33. Crypto-Anarchism: [Living on Bitcoin] Max Hillebrand’s Unbanking Journey
  34. Crypto-Anarchism: Building the Cypherpunk Future with Frank Braun
  35. Crypto-Anarchism: The Conclusion
  36. The Temporary Autonomous Zone: Audiobook
  37. The Temporary Autonomous Zone: Introduction
  38. The Temporary Autonomous Zone Revisited [Building The Second Realm]
  39. [Building The Second Realm #1] – The Philosophy of the First Realm
  40. [Building The Second Realm #2] – The Philosophy & Culture of the Second Realm
  41. [Building The Second  Realm #3] – The Second Realm, Vonu, & Agorism (Compared and Contrasted)
  42. [Building The Second Realm #4] – Autonomy and Peace: Second Realm Foundations
  43. [Building The Second Realm #5] – Proxy Merchants: Facilitating Interaction Between The Realms
  44. [Building The Second Realm #6] – Lessons From Organized Crime
  45. [Building The Second Realm #7] – The Importance of Tradecraft
  46. [Building The Second Realm #8] – The Blessings of Technology
  47. [Building The Second Realm #9] – Next Steps (Action Items/Redux)
  48. [Building The Second Realm #10] – #agora + Conclusion
  49. The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (A Proof-of-Concept)) with BloodedTheBrave
  50. [Still] Printing Freedom with IvanTheTroll of Deterrence Dispensed
  51. [The First Realm] Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  52. [The Second Realm] Mapping The Second Realm with JoeSal and Kyle Rearden
  53. Self-Liberation Ways [Free Second Realms, Secure Vonu Home Bases]
  54. 100 Ways To Disappear & Live Free (1972, Eden Press)
  55. [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation #1] Beware The Rockefeller Medicine (Wo)Man: The Vaccine, Germ Theory, & AIDS Frauds (1 of 2)
  56. [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation #2] Beware The Rockefeller Medicine (Wo)Man: The Vaccine, Germ Theory, & AIDS Frauds (2 of 2)
  57. [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation #3] How To End Chronic Disease Using Regenerative Lifestyles w/ Dr. John Apsley
  58. [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation #4][Challenging The Consensus] A Tribute to David Crowe w/ Darrell Becker
  59. [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation #5] Scientific Consensus, The History of Allopathic Medicine, & More w/ Dr. Stephanie Murphy & Darrell Becker
  60. [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation #6] The Bioelectric Body w/ Sofia Smallstorm
  61. [The Road To Autonomy/Vonu] A Pit Stop At P.A.Z.NIA
  62. Ancient Second Realms [Jesus & The Essene]
  63. Surveying The Second Realm #1 & #2
  64. Surveying The Second Realm #3 [The Liberating Philosophy/Culture of the Second Realm]
  65. Cutting First Realm Ties w/ Max Hillebrand
  66. Vonu & The Second Realm [Hackers Congress 2020 w/ Smuggler, Max Hillebrand, & More]
  67. A Security Culture Primer for Self-Liberators with Kyle
  68. Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation [Unofficial Audiobook Teaser]
  69. [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation #7] Venturing Out East
  70. [VONU] An Overall Analysis w/ Kyle (LUA Radio Direct Action Series Re-Release)
  71. The State of Vonu [2020 End-of-Year Podcast/Newsletter]
  72. Spiritual (S)elf-Liberation with Lawrence Wasson (The Principle of Care)
  73. Insights From Somalia (& More) with Jim Davidson [Building The Second Realm]
  74. A Vonu Guide To Liberate Yourself From Big Pharma [Health Liberation/Self-Liberation]
  75. An Update on Second Realm Strategy with Smuggler & Frank Braun [Building The Second Realm]
  76. [2020] An Unexpected Blessing For Self-Liberation & The Expansion of The Agora
  77. The Ultimate Vonu Beginner’s Guide [For Agorists & Beyond!]
  78. Socratic Self-Liberation (& An Open Source/Bitcoin Update) w/ Max Hillebrand
  79. Vonu in Cities & Exiting The First Realm with “Omen”

Intermission Episodes (63)

  1. A Whirlwind Sprint Through Vonu (Shane on the Valiant Growth Podcast)
  2. A Crash Course on Vonu (Kyle on The Concord Show)
  3. Spreading the Seeds of Vonu (Shane on The Seeds of Liberty Podcast)
  4. Historical Connections Between Samuel Konkin, Rayo & Analysis
  5. New Vonu Publications & Shane on The Liberty Forge Podcast
  6. “My Visit to Vonu-Land” with Jeremy Henggeler
  7. Vonu Week – A Week in The Wilderness with Jason Boothe
  8. Letters About Vonu, 1985 with Jason Boothe
  9. Pursuing Vonuence in South Chile with Jason Boothe
  10. Pursuing Vonuence in Antarctica? with Jason Boothe
  11. The Permanent Floating Voluntary Society with Jason Boothe
  12. Troglodyte Communities and Smumans, The Super Hobos with Jason Boothe
  13. You Can’t Fight An Enemy Who Has Outposts in Your Head with Jason Boothe
  14. The Antiwar Rayo
  15. TVP Q&A #1: You Ask, We Answer
  16. Starting Your Journey as a Vonuan
  17. Levels of Dependency in Conventional Lifestyles
  18. BYE SPY! Tips for Staying Free & Effective
  19. Retreatism and the Freedom That Matters
  20. Vonu: Then & Now
  21. TVP Q&A #2: You Ask, We Answer (LIVE)
  22. Vonu: Your Strategy for Self-Liberation (Shane on #StateSmashPodcast with Jeremy Harding)
  23. How To Free Yourself From The Clutches of The State (Shane on the Seeds of Liberty Podcast)
  24. Saving Children from the Prison of “Public” Schooling
  25. A Tale of Two Van Nomads
  26. A Coercion-less World is a Utopian Fantasy
  27. The Challenges of Anarchist Entrepreneurial Ventures (Shane on the AnarchoInc Podcast)
  28. Forge Your Liberty with Kyle Turnblazer
  29. Censored by Anarchapulco Organizers: Jeff Paquet’s Story
  30. Praxis and Undermine News with JDaniel Richer
  31. Becoming Uncontrollable Opposition (Shane on the School Sucks Podcast)
  32. Starting A Freedom Community? | Health Liberation/Self-Liberation
  33. Living in Anarchy with Lily Forester
  34. Vonu in Scandinavia with Alex Utopium
  35. An Interview with Jim Stumm (The Man Who Met Rayo)
  36. Vonu Frugality Hacks and Second Realm: Book on Strategy Audiobook Teaser
  37. The War on BioTerror (And We’re All Potential Carriers)
  38. SARS, Coronavirus, and The Infectious Myth with David Crowe
  39. The Philippines in Lockdown/ContentSafe.co with Matthew Raymer
  40. Anarchy Solutions and Root Causes with Rachel Tobias
  41. The Modern Crisis of “Science” with Darrell Becker
  42. The Coronavirus Cover-up – Missing Connections? with Ryan Cristian (The Last American Vagabond)
  43. Militia [The Law] [1995 Bill Cooper Broadcast]
  44. Modeling Threats & Analyzing Risk – A Rebuttal Against “Doom Porn”
  45. The Origins of the Harney County Committee of Safety
  46. The Second Realm and Vonu (Shane/Jason on Anarchy Radio)
  47. Committees of Safety and Security Teams (with Gary Hunt)
  48. Homestead Updates & The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA
  49. On Strategy of Cultural Change by Rayo [Winter 1969 INNOVATOR]
  50. [P.A.Z.NIA] Liberated Areas Among The Tyrannical Wasteland
  51. The “Scientific”, Medical Technocracy, & The End of Eden [The Usurpation of Nature][Bill Cooper]
  52. The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Depopulation Agenda [Bill Cooper/Hour of The Time]
  53. Kerry Thornley, Lee Harvey Oswald, & The JFK Assassination
  54. The Spirit of Laissez-Faire (A Vonu Resistance Report)
  55. Ecology > Vonu > Technology > Peace
  56. Old Mining Towns & Liberation in the Mountains [Vonu Resistance Report, VonuLife #1]
  57. The Big Book of Secret Hiding Places (Audiobook Teaser)
  58. Jumping The Minarchist Ship – Why & How America Came To Be (w/ Kyle Rearden)
  59. Vonu, Rayo, & Self-Liberation [Guest Appearance on Agorist Nexus Podcast]
  60. A Second Realm Strategy Session w/ SekAgora & Penguin of The Agora Podcast
  61. The State of Agorism (Guest Appearance with Derrick Broze on Sal Mayweather’s, The Agora)
  62. The Great Work (Guest Appearance on Chris Jantzen’s, End Evil Podcast)
  63. The Path Of A Self-Liberator (Guest Appearance on The Join The Wasabikas Podcast w/ Max Hillebrand)

TVP Interviews (5)

  1. Introduction
  2. Van Nomads in Australia (Karl and Jahla’s Story)
  3. Van Builds and The Liberating Nature of the Blockchain with Karl, A Van Nomad from Australia
  4. An Approaching Van Nomad Adventure with Jeremy Henggeler
  5. Vonu Roundtable (LIVE from the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest)

(181 as of 5/14/2021)