TVP #39: Van Nomadism – Choosing A Vehicle For Living Aboard

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, we continue our miniseries on van nomadism and what better place to start the self-liberational media than by discussing how to choose a vehicle for living aboard. You should begin by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. What is the purpose? Are you moving into a vehicle while keeping your full-time job in the city to avoid paying rent and utilities? Are you moving aboard your vehicle for full-time travel? Etc.
  2. What are your needs?
  3. How much freedom do you desire? Depending upon the vehicle you choose, this will either increase or decrease.

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For the remainder of the episode, we lay out the pros and cons between the various vehicles, specific considerations to keep in mind, and much more. Next week, we will cover “The Conversion.”

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