TVP #15, Part 2: Ethical Enclaves, The Precursor to Agorism

As was discussed in part one of this episode, with each new law and regulation, the opportunities to profit from black and grey market trading increase. Rayo put it this way:

Big Brother already has 60 million laws and regulations or so. If all laws were consistently enforced, almost every man, woman and child would be in prison for one or more violations. But Big Brother can only extort so much taxes to hire bludg and build spy devices. And taxes are already to – or beyond – the point of diminishing return. Each additional rule to be enforced means existing rules get enforced less.

For that reason, in this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Kyle begin by covering a page on Kyle’s website called, “Tax, Ban, or Regulate.” Reason being, it blatantly shows the ridiculousness of government law and the State’s attempts at micro-managing every facet of your life.

They then discuss the important things to takeaway as season 2 progresses, as well as provide an overall conclusion to the subject of ethical enclaves.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that ethical enclave trading is simply an option for vonuans. If the risk seems too high for you, there are plenty of other solutions at hand. Additionally, vonuans are just fine with co-existing with the State in protracted conflict, whereas agorists strive for the chocking of the State via the black/grey markets.

Please enjoy, share the episode around, and let us know what you think!

Show Notes:

TVP #15: Ethical Enclaves – The Precursor to Agorism

Samuel Konkin III (SEK3) on Rayo and Vonu: Different Approaches?

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