TVP #97: Cutting First Realm Ties with Max Hillebrand

On this special live episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Max Hillebrand back to the podcast. We had him on for episode #59 (The Proliferation of Bitcoin Privacy/Security Tools), as well as #64 (Living on Bitcoin – Max’s Unbanking Journey).

In this discussion, we:

  • Hear about Max’s van nomad adventures across Europe during the COVID-1984 nonsense;
  • Discuss the difficulty of perpetually traveling during international lockdowns; as well as the need for adaptability;
  • Max offers tips on shipping container houses, we discuss alternative housing more generally, and things to consider when building;
  • Get an update on the bitcoin privacy world and Wasabi wallet;
  • Get a solemn reminder that oftentimes, coercion is the result of horizontal enforcement, and that mobility provides an easy, quick way out;
  • And much more…

Show Notes:

Max’s Website: Towards Liberty

Get the paperback book from Liberty Under Attack Publications!

Get the audiobook for FREE! [Affiliate Link]

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