TVP #16, Part 2: Case Studies in New Libertarian Nations and Free Ports

As one solution in becoming more invulnerable to coercion, Rayo proposed the founding of free isles/free ports, or new libertarian nations on floating platforms or uninhabited islands. Last week, you heard what Rayo had to say about them, both the potential advantages and disadvantages–but what about in reality?

Well, Preform-Inform did influence at least one of a handful of projects that set out to accomplish just that–sovereign new libertarian nations/free ports through the 1970s and 1980s. Were they successful? What were the main issues that led to their demise? What can we learn from them, so as to avoid repeating history?

These are all questions Shane and Kyle attempt to answer in this edition of The Vonu Podcast. Please enjoy, share, let us know what you think, and consider financially supporting the show!

Show Notes:

The National Builders’ Struggle

Operation Atlantis and the Radical Libertarian Alliance: Observations of a Fly on the Wall

Operation Atlantis Whitepaper (Isabelle Simpson)
Sea City Taluga (Cortez Bank)
Dupont Carribean Freeport Resort

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