TVP #119: Handling Objections From The First Realm/Servile Society In Your Pursuit of Vonu & Self-Liberation

[Author’s Note: The following is an article I wrote a couple years back, that I have re-written/updated for the Agorist Nexus site. Here it is in article and audio format.]

While 2021 has forced many to consider the realm of self-liberation even if for mere survival, there are indeed still others trying to make their way out of the First Realm, yet who are facing objection-after-objection from friends or loved ones. This is furthered when entering the realm of vonu and radical lifestyle changes – nomadic pursuits, pseudonyms, ethical enclave trading (essentially agorism), among other radical items?

It’s safe to say, many folks will think you’ve gone off the deep end and believe you’re crazy for turning down all of the so-called amenities and benefits afforded by the Great Coercive Society. Ha. Nonsense.

No – you’re just an individual striving to preserve your autonomy and live out your principles in the here and now…a self-liberator who sees right through the bullshit put forth by the servile society. Might I also say, an agorist, building the peaceful, counter-economy, one trade at a time.

Anyway, you’re looking to liberate yourself from those who falsely imagine themselves to be your rulers, yet are facing resistance:

What advice would I posit for dealing with this?

Simply put, and most importantly, don’t let the criticisms or expectations from those in the First Realm affect the plan you have for your pursuit of vonu.

In other words, don’t feel “guilt,” “shame,” or whatever for living a lifestyle not approved by those in the servile society. If you’re a van nomad working a few half days a week, making little enough to not be liable for income theft, an individual may try to guilt you by accusing you of “freeloading” off the system. Needless to say, in my opinion, a discussion would likely not be fruitful with someone who would level such an accusation. They’re likely jealous that you’re in far more control of your time (and therefore, your life), and so it says more about them than about you.

If you’re facing disassociation for refusing to be poisoned in one way or another, take your autonomy and life force elsewhere, to folks that you can trust and rely upon, and who would respect you enough to never ask you to do such a thing.

And, as one more example, if your aspirations are on a sailboat or floatel (floating hotel) in international waters, surely, don’t let anyone put a damper on your imagination. Think bigger, even!

The above all may appear to go without saying, but it’s critically important and worth reiterating. As Smuggler & XYZ put it in Second Realm: Book on Strategy:

“Give up collectivist thought, especially asking for permission and requiring others to support you before you do anything.”

You might even have to go about it alone initially, but there’s never been a better time, likelihood, and urgency to meet up in physical space and time. That, and as Rayo recommended back in the 1960’s, to paraphrase, it truly is best to start developing your capabilities alone; and the best place to meet other free thinkers/self-liberators is when you’re living like they do, traveling to the places they travel. Waiting for others might also ensure that you never leave the theoretical realm, or worse yet, inaction leading to an even more undesirable situation.

Especially in the rapidly-changing 2020’s, the realm of self-liberation is for freedom pioneers, those willing to experiment and take some risks…and also, for those who take the time to exorcise their collectivist spooks.

Put another way, this is doing the internal work to address and undo a lifetime of programming and propaganda, because in addition to cutting physical ties to the servile society, those mentally enslaving ties must be severed – limiting thoughts, lacking confidence, defaulting to an authority figure, eliminating bad/unhelpful habits, exiting the Babylon pharmaceutical, dis-ease paradigm, etc.

Without addressing the mind (and it will probably take some time), vonu (or self-liberation generally) will likely NOT be a lifestyle change, but rather a foray with a return to a conventional lifestyle.

What does this mental work look like?

For me, it took a year of essentially being alone here on the homestead; lots of time in nature, pondering the last 20-something years of my life, and realizing how many thoughts I had that really weren’t my own. It also required me to open my mind to possibilities within this reality that I wouldn’t have entertained previously…and opening the mind and realizing you really know nothing is difficult, but quite freeing at the same time.

And of course, this work is constantly ongoing.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with the words of Tom Marshall, a.k.a. Rayo:

“Whether one will be happier as a freeman or as a slave partly depends on the individual. But this choice is not open to most libertarians. Relative contentment in servitude is possible only for those who believe in it; most libertarians are too independent and well-informed. For libertarians the choice is between freedom and neurosis.” [Emphasis added]

So, what’s it going to be? Freedom? Or neurosis?



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