TVP #146: Fortifying The Digital Second Realm & A Coming Van Nomad Adventure with Brian Sovryn

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back Brian Sovryn, host of the Sovryn Tech Podcast.

Herein, we get an update on the tech world (and Sovryn Tech!), a 2022 Dark Android update, his coming van nomad tech loadout, and generally speaking, more ways in which to fortify the digital Second Realm.


  • An update on Sovryn Tech and the overall tech world
  • The importance of podcasting as a medium, especially in the age of Babylon Tech censorship and the homogenization of basically the entire world
  • But despite all the negatives, open source tech has come a long way in the realm of user-friendliness
  • The F-Droid app store
  • His coming van nomad adventure, traveling to meet other anarchists/listeners, and his van tech loadout
  • I take a moment to plug Silent.Link again: an anonymous US/UK phone number & mobile data, paid for in bitcoin
  • Tech items not often considered: battery power in devices, easily repairable laptops (i.e. easily replacable parts), and putting together resilient systems
  • The 2022 Dark Android Update: VPN recommendations & other worthwhile security/privacy tools
  • Paul Rosenberg/Smuggler’s crypto-hippie, & the importance of two-hop VPN’s
  • ProtonVPN: a great, two-hop VPN solution
  • His views on the bitcoin/”crypto-currency” space, and his seemingly near BTC-only position on The Agora Podcast
  • “Complexity is the enemy of security.”
  • Overall closing advice: Reign in your digital life, and focus on the physical

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