TVP #156: [Brown’s Gas & The AquaCure] Where The Realms of Free Energy & Health Collide (with George Wiseman)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome inventor & free energy/alternative health pioneer, George Wiseman.

Herein, we hear George’s incredible, inspiring story, we talk about the miraculous AquaCure, the health benefits of molecular hydrogen & Brown’s Gas, what Brown’s Gas actually is…

And using the same technology (as well as additional ones), George shares some ways in which vonuan van nomads can greatly reduce their fuel costs, or even eliminate them altogether.

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The future is here…and “free” & empowering alternatives are near.



  • George shares the story of his upbringing, discovering Brown’s Gas, his early fuel saving inventions, losing his wife to Lupus, & where he’s at today
  • Fuel saving devices, resources, & books
  • AquaCure, Brown’s Gas books/resources
  • Bueller provides his own testimonial: after arriving at P.A.Z.NIA with some health issues, they resolved almost immediately with inhaling/drinking the Brown’s Gas water
  • Hydrogen — our biggest macronutrient (62%) that most are deficient in
  • Hydrogen turns back on the body’s regeneration system; George recounts his experiences with watching his body heal over the course of months & years
  • The role of the AquaCure in reversing the symptoms of so-called “diabetes” (and fasting as a super simple solution to “type 2”)
  • George breaks down electrically-expanded water & its significance
  • What is Brown’s Gas? An electron-rich, plasma form of water!
  • The Fourth Phase of Water: Exclusion Zone Water
  • Another AquaCure feature: tune the water to whatever frequency/hertz you want using pulse width modulation, somewhat like a built in Rife machine
  • Life forms from frequency: the magic of cymatics
  • George talks about his vapor fuel setup on his RV & offers solutions for van nomads
  • How to increase your gas mileage or even eliminate fuel costs altogether (i.e. water for fuel)
  • George’s interactions with coercers: 7 government agencies investigated him for his fuel saver kits — no fraud, no issues
  • A little on deuterium depleted water, and the add-on coming to the AquaCure soon
  • The only magic pill solutions to health are: breathing & water

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