TVP #108: [2020] An Unexpected Blessing For Self-Liberation & The Expansion of The Agora

The following is an article I wrote for the Road to Autonomy Magazine, and slightly modified for the Agorist Nexus, wherein I cover some of my observations concerning the highly dynamic year of 2020.

As usual, here it is in audio/podcast format — please consider sharing, check us out at The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA, and consider snagging some books from our partner at Liberty Under Attack Publications. Enjoy!


If you would have asked me around this time last year just where I thought the overall state of freedom would be in the world, I’d likely present a pessimistic outlook…and I definitely wouldn’t place blame on myself or anyone else for such a perspective; the nonsense quackery of Big Pharma was (and is) on full display, not to mention the mind control cabal of State and the Pharma-funded, script-reading zombies in the media.

But as the cliché saying goes about “pressure creating diamonds,” along with the most mind-controlled in society making themselves visibly known (very useful), there was no greater catalyzer of action than the year that was 2020.

Further, speaking for myself, I feel I’ve grown more in the past year than in the former 27, and have gone so much further in my research, studies, & life generally than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve seen many other such reports from like-minded folks – I think I finally understand what Cody Wilson meant when he talked about “going beyond anarchism” (more on all this philosophical/metaphysical stuff over on The Vonu Podcast (TVP) sometime soon).

And since philosophy is necessarily paired with action*, I’ve see fantastic developments in that realm*, too, here at The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA, across the world, and even in the digital Second Realm.

So, where are we at? The following are my most pertinent observations at current, in no particular order.


1) Networking and organizing: significantly improved.

Starting in ~mid-2019, I really noticed folks beginning to organize outside of the main Beast platforms (like Fascistbook). That rapidly expanded early last year. Telegram became a primary for many folks, whether for secret encrypted chats or public chats/channels (not ideal, but a good step).

This was also about the time the Freedom Cells website blew up with new self-liberators and I began catching wind of little voluntaryist/vonuan enclaves, homesteads, and projects. And more importantly, at least for me, the idea for P.A.Z.NIA began to enter the picture.

Generally speaking, organizing locally became more of a necessity as the coercion ramped up in the servile society, and issues with centralization (i.e. grocery stores, food, etc.) reared their ugly, deformed, genetically-modified heads.

Great progress, but still much to be done…

NEXT STEPS: *Connecting the scattered Second Realm nodes. For us at P.A.Z.NIA, this entails putting together a security-culture minded map to be made available. Websites like, Agorist.Market,, and similar sites are also of great value.

2) More products, services, & opportunities for agorists!

As Smuggler pointed out in a recent episode of TVP, new laws and regulations mean more opportunities for agorists!

Photoshop aficionados are finding work crafting fake immunity passports/vaccine certificates; music festivals & social gatherings are seeing similar or increased demand with less (or no) supply; and in some geographical areas, farmers’ markets were even (and could be) in a grey area.

Put another way, more areas of the human experience are being forced into the underground…and life is all about perspective. I’m personally viewing this all as an opportunity – what about you?



NEXT STEPS: Other than always keeping our eyes open for opportunities, vote with your bitcoins and build the agora, not the New World Order.

3) 2020: The Year of Clear Vision

2020 was indeed the year of clear vision for many. Whether it was previously “compliant” individuals realizing the errors of their past coercive ways or anarchists going beyond anarchy (to refer back to the earlier Cody Wilson quote), a vast number of individuals have begun to see Babylon as the grand Land of Confusion that it really is, this author included.

What is needed became blatantly obvious to most anyone with a critically-thinking brain (or awareness, I suppose); that is, decentralization, the knowledge on how to grow/raise food, and the building of off-grid, sustainable communities so that we can live in accordance with our principles and desires in the here and now.

NEXT STEPS: The year of clear vision has also shown us that we as modern humans don’t know shit about shit, to put it plainly. Seek truth and build freedom.

4) Where we put our energy, focus, and time into is extremely important.

For me, this has taken on a whole new meaning, yet in such a simple way. If we spend our entire lives (even if “by necessity”) working for Babylon, the “System”, whatever word you want to place  on  it, we can’t be surprised when the end result of all of this collective energy turns into exactly what we’re seeing today.

It’s also worth briefly discussing just how we come across the things that we put our energy, focus, and time into. The vast majority of folks have undergone so much programming and brainwashing (again, relatively speaking, me too) that it’s excruciatingly difficult to identify just where that line of truth begins.

This is further complicated when factoring in algorithms, A.I., etc. Were you conveniently guided to this information? Are you lost and spinning your gears in a totally pointless rabbit hole? If we aren’t constantly on guard, it’s not hard for our actions to inadvertently benefit the control system in some way, even if that just means wasting our time and not building Eden (a voluntary world) instead. Oh, the web of confusion the coercers weave…

It’s actually really, really easy to get distracted and/or off the track of truth, and I’m certainly not placing myself above this. Remember, just as the way to defeat the Hegelian Dialectic (problem > reaction > solution) is to not react, the only way to win the game of coercion and confusion is not to play.


Most importantly, I’d like to emphasize that while 2020 presented an acceleration within the servile society, none of this is new.

Taxation, war, and the mass imprisonment of peaceful people for victimless crimes (to name a few grievances) have been here for centuries; Benjamin Tucker’s four monopolies (*the ability to coin/borrow money, *eminent domain, *copyright, and *the power to lay and collect taxes/tariffs) are neither the result of congressional overreach, nor administrative agency (“Deep State”) regulations…but rather, are foundations of the 1787 federal constitution.

And in terms of vonu, Rayo and other visionary vonuans saw the need for these sorts of solutions in the early 1960’s.

I’d like to leave you with two quotes by the founder of this freedom strategy:

“I want a life-style which can easily withstand the worst technocratic super-totalitarianism that is within the realm of reasonable possibility. We may still have some contact with That society but we won’t have to worry appreciably over what idiotic thing the people molesters do next (anymore than somebody who takes a vacation at the Riviera now and then needs to be much concerned about the politics of France.) Our change in life-style will be, in a sense, an answer to the omnipotence-of-State line of Rothbard and Hess. We will answer not in words but by doing — the only real way.”

And finally, a reminder and emphasis on what it means to be a vonuan:

A vonuan is someone who places a high value on relative invulnerability to coercion – someone for whom freedom is worth a fair amount (though not infinite) of effort, inconvenience, discomfort…vonu is not just a means to other ends, nor is it an ultimate end – like most qualities of life, and life itself, it is both. A vonuan will choose whatever way of living offers personal sovereignty and will change life-style again and again if necessary.

2020 was a year of adaptation, just like every other. Our task remains the same, but I will say, it’s good to finally see a sense of urgency.

Who will build the Road(s) to the Agora, you may ask? Eff it, we’ll build them our-damn-selves.

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