TVP #60: The Nodl – Your Personal Bitcoin Assistant

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, we return to our crypto-anarchism series and to the topic of bitcoin.

Joining me for this discussion are the creators of the Nodl, Ketominer and Askuwheteau. We talk about:

  • Their paths to crypto-anarchy;
  • Where they consider themselves ideologically;
  • What role bitcoin plays in mainstream banking (if any);
  • Possible philosophical underpinnings for the Nodl;
  • User-friendliness;
    • The user-friendliness of the Nodl
    • Trade-offs
    • Using bitcoin requires at least some understanding of the technology
  • The Nodl;
    • How they started the bitcoin business
    • What it does
    • What’s inside (processors, chips, etc.)
    • Future implementations
  • And much more…

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Show Notes:
Nodl on Twitter
Nodl on Telegram
KetoMiner on Twitter
IAskuwheteau on Twitter
Get a Nodl today!

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