TVP #28: Avenging Angels – Counter-Attacking the State

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane & Kyle discuss a concept proposed by Rayo known as avenging angels, defined as:

An individual who is contractually obliged to carry out selective counterattacks on behalf of a victim who cannot stop it once it has begun. This agreement must be kept secret to prevent intimidation by the State, and is intended to deter the State from harassing libertarians using Pavlovian psychology.

It’s certainly an interesting concept, and in some regards, it may be beneficial. But, as always Kyle & Shane have their concerns and important distinctions: couldn’t the avenging angel possibly have a negative effect on the outcome of the incarcerated individual’s case? How would this be funded? Would it differ from a legal defense fund? How would the incarcerated individual separate himself from what is happening? Among other questions…

Parts 2 and 3 of this discussion will take place on the next two episodes of Liberty Under Attack Radio–therein, they will discuss vigilantism, assassination politics, take a second look on the concept of avenging angels, and talk about how they are intimately connected.

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Show Notes:

Ocean Freedom Notes, 1984-1990

Self-Liberation Notes

Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom, Number 2 — Letters from Rayo

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