TVP #79: [Still] Printing Freedom with IvanTheTroll of Deterrence Dispensed

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back IvanTheTroll. Ivan is a member of the decentralized gun group, Deterrence Dispensed, a group who has been pioneering the development of fully functional, 3D-printed firearms.

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Herein, we discuss:

  • The current legal paradigm compared to a year ago;
  • What’s new with Deterrence Dispensed;
    • ButWhatAboutAmmo
    • Working with DefCad/Cody Wilson
    • The plastic plug-and-play FGC-9
  • The potentiality/risk of printing medical supplies;
  • And a bunch of listener questions, on a wide variety of topics!

Show Notes:
TVP #55: Gun Printing 101 with IvanTheTroll [EXPANSIVE SHOW NOTES]
Deterrence Dispensed Twitter
Deterrence Dispensed BitBacker
Deterrence Dispensed Keybase
Deterrence Dispensed Gun Streamer
TVP #51: Manufacturing The Means of Self-Defense – 3D Printing and Ghost Gunning

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