TVP #173: P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly #2 (Telegrams From P.A.Z.NIA with Rex, Bastard Chris, Bueller, & More)

On this episode, you’ll catch P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly #2, the first one hosted live on Telegram. Topics include: potential legal strategies, a Second Realm breakthrough energy update, a discussion on how to make these pockets of freedom more resilient from coercers, and much more.


  • Convening the Second Realm Assembly
  • Chief begins with a run-through of potentially viable legal strategies/remedies
  • Keep your mouth shut when dealing with coercers/unknowns — always solid advice!
  • Bastard Chris joins with an introduction you don’t want to miss
  • I provide a brief overview of P.A.Z.NIA and vonu
  • Bueller (Head of The P.A.Z.NIA Department of Energy) introduces himself and talks about some things we’ve been focused on: Brown’s Gas for health & breakthrough energy, George Wiseman’s fuel saver kits, crystal power cells/batteries
  • Increasing the efficiency of the electrolysis of water using sound frequencies, pulse wave modulation, etc.
  • Rex discusses his open loop geothermal idea for the greenhouses, and using/burning trash or plastic for fuel
  • John and Nancy Hutchison used ultrasonic and electro-magnetic waves to stabilize radioactive elements or to, say, neutralize the damage of an oil spill
  • The problems of religion, “right religion”, how it provides some stability, and other similar concepts
  • Rex discusses the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) he has in mind for his projects — kind of like a decentralized, member-run Air B’NB or a Second Realm Time Share…but could also be a car, a plane, helicopter, anything useful
  • Rex provides some information on the land he already has in Utah, the individual plot designs, and climate-controlled greenhouse plans
  • Individuals contribute their time to build units, and then they get a “stake” in them
  • Land ownership concerns: how to acquire allodial title or a land patent; Chief confirms that Ron Gibson is a great resource and that it actually is possible
  • Further discussion on protection unions, lessons from organized crime, & a relevant excerpt from Second Realm: Book on Strategy
  • Bastard Chris mentions that he had similar greenhouse ideas if he were to acquire a plot of conventional farm land
  • Achieving high mean-time to harassment: Bastard Chris inquires about Rex’s ideas to avoid coercion
  • A magic wall isn’t created by preparing the right paperwork, though occasionally the paperwork has apparently been effective — always remember, States are essentially mafia gangs
  • Bastard Chris: the Second Realm can’t be built by getting to a state of “comfortability” — being brought into a comfort zone makes one vulnerable and maybe weak (also something Rayo highlighted too)
  • Contact Rex: T.ME/WCDAO or @rexated on Telegram


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