TVP #34: Exercising Liberty – How to Utilize Legal Interstices Effectively

Over the years, many freedom-seekers have attempted to use legal loopholes in the law to their advantage. The lucky ones have been successful, many have been outright wrong, and some have made such drastic mistakes so as to end up in prison, examples being the so-called “sovereign citizens” and Irwin Schiff in his attempt to “opt-out” of the income tax.

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In our Season 2 episode on the subject, we covered what Rayo had to say on the subject, as well as the legal interstices he utilized in his pursuance of van nomadism and wilderness vonu.

But, what possibilities exist for modern vonuans today? Are there are legal interstices available RIGHT NOW that can assist vonuans in becoming more invulnerable to coercion? Or, are they a complete waste of time that should be abandoned indefinitely?

Find out by listening to this Season 3 episode of The Vonu Podcast!

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