TVP #189: [P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly #5] Exploring Further Jitsi Potentialities, Funding Dept. of Technology Projects, & More

Welcome to the 5th ever P.A.Z.NIA Assembly, wherein we crowdsource the topic of liberation!

In this Assembly our numerous panel participants & I discuss further Jitsi potentialities (whether launched on NextCloud or a VPS, a Second Realm alternative to Zoom is feasible & maybe BTC-profitable); & we also brainstorm ways to fund Department of Technology Projects, with a focus on a really amazing project Trent is working on…

And then open up the floor for your questions or topics!

To learn more about this parallel network already under construction, please visit…become a STEAKholder or make a contribution to the Second Realm today!


  • Josiah provides an overview and update of the P.A.Z.NIA General Bitcoin Fund
  • I briefly discuss CrowdHealth and how it could be a model to replicate for this parallel network
  • NextCloud testing update — Jamin got me the public & private “NextCloud Nodls”
  • Jitsi potentialities — consistent Second Realm income for devs/maintainers, censorable communications are a thing of the past when you can spin up a Jitsi server on NextCloud or a random VPS in 5 minutes
  • Bitcoin full nodes on VPS’s — $12.99/month, many countries, impossible to shut down
  • Bastard Chris: other methods for spam prevention; doesn’t necessarily have to be bitcoin-related; looking at Jitsi, he’s reminded of Discord
  • I mention that Jitsi runs on XMPP, and that there are many apps that communicate with that; the possibilities are truly endless
  • Trent: every time we meet, the attendees toss whatever they can into a bitcoin fund for the Department of Technology — whether it’s $2 worth or $20, it shows commitment
  • P.A.Z.NIA Monero General Fund coming soon?
  • Funding Department of Technology projects — some solutions, and a discussion
  • Trent goes further into his project — I start to understand how this might be exactly what’s needed


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