TVP Interviews #5: Vonu Roundtable (LIVE from the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest)

On this special episode of The Vonu Podcast, I’m joined by Jeremy Hengeller and Shane Buell, co-hosts on the Seeds of Liberty Podcast and the Freedom Feens, live from the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest.

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Herein, we interview a couple van nomads, chat with Fenix, a vendor at the fest, and discuss potential solutions for increasing a van nomad’s self-sufficiency on the road (i.e. crypto-culture, growing microgreens, and crypto-mining); we learn about the extremely cheap cost-of-living in Mexico, the proliferation of temporary autonomous zones, and much more.

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Show Notes:
Jeremy and Shane’s Podcasts
Wandering Agorist
Mr. T’s Steemit

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