TVP Intermission #6: “My Visit to Vonu-Land” with Jeremy Henggeler

As was discussed in the last episode of The Vonu Podcast, a whole new batch of vonu/libertarian publications from the 1960s-1990s came into our possession. In this episode, I’m joined by guest co-host, Jeremy Henggeler to discuss one article from said new batch, which is another firsthand experience of someone visiting Rayo and Roberta out in the Siskiyou Region.

The individual in question is Jim Stumm, and Jeremy and I have some quite negative things to say about his “analysis.” Nonetheless, I appreciate the hell out of Mr. Stumm’s efforts–he made these publications/letters available, and also contributed to the founding of other such ones like Ocean Freedom Notes.

Please enjoy this episode with a rare guest co-host. Hopefully Kyle will be back with me for next week’s.

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Show Notes:

My Visit to Vonu-Land in Fall 1971 By Jim Stumm

A Letter from Rayo Concerning Jim Stumm’s Trip to Vonu-Land

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