TVP Intermission #47: Committees of Safety & Security Teams

On this intermission show of The Vonu Podcast, you’ll hear an episode of LUA Radio from January 3rd, 2016. Herein, Gary Hunt joined me to discuss Committees of Safety and Security Teams, two possible ways of organizing locally.

Committees of Safety can be defined as mutual self-defense associations that also operate as parallel governments. Historically, they were known under a variety of names, yet, their function was exactly the same – to pool manpower for defense of the community and/or legitimize a self-organized populist government.

Security Teams are much like freedom cells — small groups of individuals organizing for mutual defense and security. Gary was a part of one in the 90’s and discusses some of their operations, tactics, and stories.

And of course, much like vonu, these strategies are very much yours for the making.

Show Notes: Website
Gary’s Blog
The FBI Recognizes The Existence of Liberty Under Attack

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