TVP #160: Babylon Technology, Self-Liberation, & Beyond (Guest Appearance on Andreas Xirtus’ Show)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, you’ll catch my recent guest appearance on Andreas Xirtus’ show.

If you don’t know Xirtus, he’s become pretty popular as of late. He was the Social Media Manager for the Communist News Network (CNN) a handful of years back and got to witness firsthand how fake news becomes history; he spent some time as a nano-technician for NASA, working with the graphene oxide being talked about in relation to the quack-ines; he recently interviewed Putin’s “righthand man,” Aleksander Dugin; and is just coming off of a Vice TV appearance wherein he introduced normie-land to the topic of hollow earth.

Wild, I know! Anyway, we covered a wide variety of topics, but in general, due to his background in technology, largely discussed its’ role in self-liberation…

And also as the major tool of enslavement in Babylon, the servile society.


  • I introduce the GhostPad & discuss a bit about why it’s necessary
  • Andreas brings up the important step of creating our own hardware, or else hardware backdoors will always be a problem
  • My general take on privacy, digital or otherwise; use a two-hop VPN, route traffic over tour, and use Ghost devices
  • How I got into privacy & self-liberation & why it matters to me
  • Security culture isn’t really a choice anymore if you’re going to hold views contrary to those within the servile society/Babylon
  • A.I., algorithms, and the significance of deGoogled phones
  • Where are we at with data privacy? Data breaches have been normalized and everyone is asleep at the wheel — the consequences will be interesting to see
  • Anarchism: anarcho-capitalism vs. anarcho-communism
  • The world is pretty “anarcho-capitalist” now — the biggest states/corporations are so economically powerful they are essentially sovereign
  • The philosophy of anarcho-capitalism is solid, but easily hijackable in this commercial world; controlled opposition folks/frontmen like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, etc.
  • I would argue that none of those folks or Amazon are anarcho-capitalist at all, as they take so much stolen tax dollars, it’s contrary to baseline principles of the philosophy
  • Agorism, Sam Konkin, & the using the counter-economy to starve the State? Probably not, but it can certainly serve as a tool of liberation
  • My overall thoughts on bitcoin
  • Is the creator(s) of bitcoin relevant anymore? If it’s CIA, if it’s corporations, an individual, a freedom-oriented collective, does it matter?
  • Best steps towards personal and collective liberation
  • My thoughts on “sovereign citizen”-type strategies, utilizing the private over the public (i.e. private membership organizations, cooperatives)
  • The war on high quality animal nutrition (i.e. raw milk, Frankie’s Free Range Meats)
  • The cyclical nature of our realm and the possibility of a coming reset; also, the possibility that this somewhat-unified Tartarian trading conglomerate was our real “history”, and the warring/violent nature of humanity being an anomaly in history, a result of this open air mind control laboratory
  • The connectedness of spiritual evolution and self-liberation
  • The limit of technology to solve problems; the importance of learning from nature to build technology in concert with nature, that is beneficial to this realm as a whole and us as caretakers of it
  • My thoughts on the Mises Caucus and the irrevelancy of politics
  • An overview of legal interstices, areas within the law that self-liberators can utilize to increase personal freedom (or invulnerability to coercion); a rundown on proxy merchants
  • Can systems of evil be saved/salvaged, or do they just need to be replaced?



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