TVP #45: Blockchain Technology – Uses for Self-Liberators

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, we continue our crypto-anarchism series with a discussion on blockchain technology. Herein:

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  • We get an update on Kyle and I’s current situations;
  • We run through some definitions;
  • We discuss various uses for pursuing financial independence, such as mining, speculation, and long-term holding;
  • We discuss blockchain’s role in facilitating the creation of vonu minicultures and Second Realms;
  • We talk about mesh networking’s current limitations;
  • We’ll tell you why using these tools makes you more invulnerable to coercion;
  • And more.

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Show Notes:

TVP #20: Crypto-Anarchism – The Marriage of Security Culture & Vonu

(Intro Clip) Andreas Antonopoulos explains why no government can attack Bitcoin.

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