TVP Intermission 15: Starting Your Journey as a Vonuan

We’ve gotten quite a few new listeners and figured it would be wise to get back to the basics and provide action steps one can take if they are just starting out in their pursuit of voneunce. Furthermore, there may be some long-time listeners who are digging the podcasts and have gleaned a lot of useful information, but just aren’t sure where to get started.

New to vonu? START HERE!

First steps include, but are not limited to:

  • Understand and embrace the philosophy of vonu (getting rid of your controlled schizophrenia and exorcise those collectivist spooks)
  • Start using encrypted communications and exercise security culture throughout your life
  • Begin your journey to financially independent early retirement.
  • Begin your food storage setup(s).
  • Begin choosing your vonu strategy/strategies.

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Show Notes:

Surmounting Personal Obstacles to Vonu by Rayo (VonuLife, March 1973)

TVP #20: Crypto-Anarchism – The Marriage of Security Culture & Vonu


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