TVP #30: Self-Liberational Media

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Kyle and Shane discuss a little-mentioned topic by Rayo: self-liberational media (SLM). This can be defined as:

Independently published content for either mass consumption or a niche market; such media is ingrained with the DIY ethic.

They first begin by getting caught up on all the recent happenings, then they distinguish between SLM from other forms of alternative media, what sort of media SLM consists of, the importance of it, and how this podcast and anarchism would not be where it was today without many self-liberationists of the past, such as Samuel Edward Konkin III (SEK3), Rayo, and Jim Stumm, to name a few.

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Looking to get into content creation? Already into it? The field of SLM is largely undiscovered! Find your niche and help future freedom pioneers put their vonu into action!

One final note: The conclusionary episode for season 2 will be released next week! Onward to the modern development of vonu!

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