TVP Intermission 11: The Permanent Floating Voluntary Society

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Jason Boothe and Shane return back to reality after episodes on pursuing vonuence in South Chile/Antarctica to discuss an article series by Kerry Thornley (associate of Lee Harvey Oswald; seriously) sharing the same title as above. It was originally published in 1966 editions of Innovator, a publication edited/put out by Rayo, later published in Ocean Freedom Notes, which you can get for free by clicking the image below.

Ocean Freedom Notes, 1984-1990

Herein, Kerry discusses the basics of pursuing minimalist sailboating, such as how to get started, some considerations on boats, and money-making schemes out in the open ocean. More broadly, he then discusses large scale industries that could be pursued by libertarian/anarchist entrepreneurs and some ideas for future marine cities. He also provides some interesting case studies of folks who have set sail for sunnier waters.

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Overall, as you’ll find out, Jason and Shane find the more small-scale strategies on the open ocean to be highly plausible and something we’ll likely see come into fruition. For more, make sure to listen to the entire episode! It was an enthralling discussion.

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