TVP #138: Breakthrough “Free” Energy for the Second Realm with Sky Huddleston

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Sky Huddleston (founder of the Liberator Rocket Heater) and I talk about the breakthrough “free” energy solutions coming to the Second Realm.


  • Sky fills us in on his background and his main entrepreneurial venture, Rocket Heaters, and their Liberator Rocket Stove
  • How he got into the large topics of ancient civilizations and their highly advanced technologies
  • The incredible technology necessary to build certain pyramids and ancient sites
  • The linear progression of human technology is false: there were more advanced civilizations before
  • The decentralization of energy production is coming
  • Pulse detonation technology as the most promising route for free, independent energy
  • The technology of the servile society is a scam, a CONvenience
  • Batteries and electric vehicles centralize energy generation and power
  • His thoughts on geothermal and solar
  • His knowledge on monoatomics, electrically-expanded water, Brown’s Gas, and George Wiseman’s Aquacure

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