TVP #139: GhostPhones and The Expansion of The Digital Second Realm with Jamin Biconik

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Jamin Biconik provides updates on his newest projects (GhostPhones & FreedomBoxes), and progress on the expansion of the digital Second Realm.

In a word, our own, user-friendly, private Second Realm communications infrastructure is here.


  • Privacy and encrypted communications as fundamental digital roots to the physical Second Realm
  • Jamin provides an update on the Ghostpads he builds — keep a lookout at for special VonuPads
  • I provide some experiences with and feedback on the new Ghosthpones he’s been hardware hacking — deGoogled Pixel 3A’s with CalyxOS
  • Some technical details regarding the GhostPhones (security of CalyxOS, differences between Graphene/Lineage OSs, how he hardware hacks them, etc.)
  • Google is the biggest asshole on the block when comes to data stealing
  • You can purchase one of them at:
  • Kodi: a great music/video player that comes stock on CalyxOS (but be careful of the Kodi plug-ins)
  • The building of the Second Realm communications infrastructure
  • Matrix is a bad idea — a datamining hub for Mossad/Israeli intelligence
  • Pivoting towards XMPP/Jitsi for the next P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Correspondence chat, channels, individual/private communications, etc.
  • If it’s not open source and decentralized, it will be a honeypot at some time, if it isn’t already
  • Jamin’s vision for an overarching, private, federated Second Realm Network, wherein we all own our own infrastructure — security by compartmentalization
  • Jamin’s shop:

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