TVP #116: Spiritual Liberation & Radical Healing with Lindsey Scharmyn of the Rogue Ways Podcast

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Lindsey Scharmyn, host of the Rogue Ways Podcast & Middle Path. In addition to being a valuable guide on the path to spiritual liberation, she’s overcome a number of obstacles, from darkness to “autoimmune dis-ease.”

Like I’ve come to find out, she’s also well aware of the role of the mental and spiritual realms in healing, and why the First Realm, the servile society, does everything it can to disconnect us from nature, our Authentic Selves, and our souls.

There’s nothing more liberating than realizing and KNOWING that not only is this existence not the end…but it only gets better from here.

Lindsey’s Website
Lindsey’s Shop/Store
Mitch, The Orgone Donor on Rogue Ways


  • Lindsey’s path here with radical, open-minded parents
  • Her realization about public teachers & why she decided to become one for 14 years
  • Rogue Ways, Middle Path, and being called to do spiritual work
  • What got her started writing & a bit about her books
  • What she’s learned about spiritual self-liberation
  • Soul retrievals, healing ceremonies, and other services she offers on her website
  • My experience with one of her healing ceremonies and a recent Vedic astrology reading
  • Lindsey’s knowledge on astrology
  • The connection to healing, reincarnation, & past lives
  • The importance and need for building a decentralized Second Realm
  • Her take on “autoimmune dis-ease” & overcoming Hashimoto’s
  • The First Realm can’t be saved, but some more individuals are becoming spiritually aware




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