TVP #104: Spiritual (S)elf-Liberation with Lawrence Wasson (The Principle of Care)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Lawrence Wasson from The Principle of Care site/channel.

He’s a fellow anarchist who has also expanded beyond and into related subjects of natural law, spiritual self-liberation, the lost principle of care, and tools, strategies, & critical knowledge necessary to navigate this thought-based reality we find ourselves in.

And at the end, I provide a brief LUA Publications update, as we have been busy! Please enjoy!


The Secret of Light by Walter Russell
The Universal One by Walter Russell
Free Energy Diagrams/Prototypes/Background
There Is Just One Knowledge (Lavette)
Quantum of Conscience Channel/Video Recommendation (“Few Details We Study Tell Us About Ourselves – Don’t Waste Time Chasing”)

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