TVP #185: The Life & Path of a Freedom Fighter (Liberty Uncensored Newspaper Guest Appearance)

On this special episode of The Vonu Podcast, you’ll catch my recent guest appearance on Liberty Uncensored, as part of their “Freedom Fighter” series.

I ran through my liberty origin story; we talked about the relevance of the mental and spiritual spheres in liberation; and in essence, how us Second Realm builders are essentially the “new occult”, the new “secret societies”.

And of course, plenty of practical insights to help further the pursuit of liberation.


  • What brought me into the liberty community? And how has that evolved over time?
  • Bill Cooper, launching Liberty Under Attack Radio, and my first freedom festival: the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest in 2015
  • The necessity of self-liberational media and action, along with the “conspiratorial”, occult topics, for the mental & spiritual liberation
  • Ancient Second Realms — the Essenes, Roscicrucians are saying the exact same things we are as voluntaryists/folks building the Second Realm (
  • The Second Realm is a secret society, a Mystery School: not everyone is ready for freedom, personal responsibility, and to foreswear coercion
  • Our task as freedom fighters is to build the alternatives, build the parallel society, and show folks how a better way of living can look
  • A brief overview of vonu, and how much simpler liberation can be today with advancements in technology
  • The need for the GhostSystem: GhostPads, GhostPhones, and other privacy tools (
  • The mindset of a statist black market entrepreneur vs. an ethical enclave entrepreneur (i.e. an agorist) as defined by Rayo
  • The differences between vonu and agorism; Konkin’s approach vs. Rayo’s approach
  • Why is Veritas in Illinois? In other words, why did I choose southern Illinois for my homestead? My impression of the state?
  • Secession: is it a wise idea to build secessionary movements? Me: from a July 2016 episode of LUA Radio with Gary Hunt, following Brexit, my answer is “no”
  • What happens at P.A.Z.NIA? At other nodes, and at Veritas? A day in the life…
  • Some takeaway actions for the listeners/viewers: what can you do today to increase your freedom?


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