TVP #92: The Bioelectric Body with Sofia Smallstorm

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I’m joined by Sofia Smallstorm, a researcher and founder of Avatar Products, to continue our Health Liberation/Self-Liberation series.


Over the past decade, Sofia has dug into numerous subjects, but is most well-known for her theory of the disease process including exosomes/endosomes, cell phone radiation/electro-magnetic fields and their impact on the human body, and more.

In today’s discussion, we focus on The Bioelectric Body: in other words, how this hyper-electrified world interferes and disrupts our body and what we can do to heal.

Show Guide:

  • The 1700’s Leyden Jar; the human fascinating with electricity
  • Electro-mania and our modern over-exposure to EMF radiation
  • Electricity/EMF’s interference with the bioelectric body, and the negative ramifications
  • Potentially another cause of chronic disease?
  • Sofia’s breakdown of the disease process
  • Surveillance capitalism, “open floor plans”, and the rollout of the new communications infrastructure
  • Remove yourself from the negative environment and the body can heal/regenerate
  • Electricity’s role on our lifespan and healthspan
  • How to defend ourselves from EMF radiation
    • Practice abstinence
    • Distance yourself from the source of electricity
    • Clean up dirty electricity, etc.
  • Grounding, gardening, playing in dirt, etc. – how we get electrons from nature
  • Sofia’s store — supplements, cell phone shields, and other natural health products (Avatar Products)
  • Inclined bed therapy
  • Electro-therapy devices? Useful for injury, some diagnostic strategies
  • And more!

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