TVP #170: P.A.Z.Fests, A Guerrilla Gardening Campaign, & Closing The Book on JFK/Kerry Thornley with Sek McGora

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back Sek McGora, a co-host of The Agora Podcast.

Herein, we discuss the recent P.A.Z.Fest he hosted at his place & other events in the Second Realm; he shares some knowledge on rainwater collection and composting; he provides some information on his new, ongoing guerilla gardening campaign; and we get his thoughts on my recent JFK/Kerry Thornley discussion with Cory Hughes.

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  • Sek provides an update on the homestead and prepping for the winter
  • He talks about his PAZfest before VonuFest
  • He provides some background on his composting & rainwater collection setups, some ideas & advice
  • His mealworm compost setup
  • The big guerrilla gardening campaign Sek’s forefronting — i.e. “planting food where you’re not supposed to”, such as “public” parks, the sides of roads, abandoned property, etc.
  • Guerilla gardening is a direct way to bring about the society in which we’d like to live in — the homeless are housed, fed, & taken care of; our own food production needs are met, rejuvenate ecological systems, etc.
  • Bigger ideas: put guerilla gardens on the P.A.Z.NIA Map/Directory for traveling P.A.Z.NIANs
  • Contact Sek for guerrilla gardening seeds (@SekMcGora on Twitter/Telegram) or the P.A.Z.NIA Seed Exchange (T.ME/PAZNIAseeds)
  • Simple sabotage/guerilla gardening ideas
  • Practice a little security culture in your activities: don’t necessarily plant a huge formal garden, maybe just patches
  • A brief rainwater collection detour
  • With his unique, longstanding “conspiracy” background, Sek provides his thoughts on my interview with Cory Hughes on JFK/Kerry Thornley
  • Me: the unending connections Thornley has with intelligence/high places is impossible to overlook — Thornley even admits this himself later on
  • Thornley writing for INNOVATOR and OCEAN FREEDOM NOTES after being involved in this grand conspiracy — Sek asks, why? Change of heart? Intelligence infiltrator?
  • (His)tory has ALWAYS been bullshit



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