TVP #152: Securing The Digital Second Realm (IPFS, Owning Our Infrastructure, & An Update on with Matthew Raymer

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back my friend, Matthew Raymer, a software developer/entrepreneur at Anomalist Design and co-founder of

Herein, we get an update on those projects and what Matt’s been up to the past couple of years; life in the Philippines; his long history on the Internet; IPFS as a crucial piece of Second Realm infrastructure, and much more.

Content creators, please do make sure to check out, and for everyone else, start seeding/pinning on the IPFS network!


  • Matt provides a brief update and perspective on the last couple of years in the Philippines
  • He tells us about the progress of ContentSafe and how he had to rewrite the entire software himself in July 2020
  • ContentSafe now supports 60 alternative media/social media platforms now (i.e. Odysee, Bitchute, Flote, etc.)
  • At some point, a dashboard to track video statistics across platforms
  • He’s in the process of launching a First Realm service/business which eventually would be transferred to the Second Realm
  • Anomalist Design, Matt’s history with computers & on the Internet, and some of the interesting Second Realm digital consulting projects he’s been involved with over the years
  • His early interest in distributed systems — such as BitTorrent involvement in the early 2000’s
  • IPFS integrations — the future
  • LibGen — 20 million books, originally available for downloads on websites and BitTorrent, but now available on IPFS
  • The importance of seeding/pinning materials/content on IPFS for creators
  • ContentSafe — easy integrations with IPFS
  • Earnest Hancock’s PirateBox
  • Odysee: in terms of non-YouTube alternatives, it’s probably one of the best (though BitChute still beats them on viewership)
  • Matthew is working with the folks at Flote; they’re on the same page and want to move the IPFS direction
  • IPFS clusters — my increased experience with IPFS/Lbry, running them in background on GhostPhones to contribute to the network
  • Messaging protocols like BitMessage might be worth re-examining; Twister/Twisted, a Twitter alternative, has a proof-of-work function built in to protect against spam
  • An idea that’s been tossed around: a distributed, private, trusted VPN network with more than two hops
  • How can individuals contribute to the IPFS network? How can they support content creators/producers of self-liberational media?
  • We talk a bit about privacy phones and I take another moment to plug Silent.Link
  • Other projects/technology that he’s interested in within the realm of liberation
  • Replace Tor with our own networks — basically, operating our own exit nodes (Matthew says 30 million)
  • Digital archives are important, but physical ones are too — the P.A.Z.NIA Lbry’s eventual goal of everything being printed at each P.A.Z.NIA, a sort of decentralized Library of Alexandria

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