TVP Q&A #1: You Ask, We Answer

On this special episode of The Vonu Podcast, Jason Boothe and I do our first question & answer episode! Questions include:

  • How did you each individually learn of vonu?
  • Would it be possible to covertly produce mushrooms and other such forms of secret agriculture?
  • How do you think Rayo would make transactions today: FRN’s, gold/silver, crypto-currencies, etc.?
  • What technology exists to facilitate secure communication between vonuists?
  • What tools would enable more off-the-grid vonuists to retain connectivity, while also preserving the possibly minimal access to electricity?
  • What is the main goal of a vonuist?
  • And more!

Thanks in advance for the terrific questions! If you have any that you want answered, please let us know via the Facistbook page or email me: [email protected].


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Show Notes:
Privacy Tools (Great Website)

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