TVP #121: [Demystifying The Skyclock] Vedic Astrology, Life, & Liberation with Bryan Easterday

Many disregard astrology outright, mainly due to its presentation by the servile society, and honestly, rightfully so. I know I did myself, up until last year.

But “astrology” isn’t a monolithic field; not all schools-of-thought are created equal and the servile society has certainly laid out many roadblocks to deter individuals from the value that can be added to one’s life by an understanding of the Skyclock.

The West largely uses tropical astrology, which is based off the seasons; and Eastern traditions, most pertinently today, Vedic, practice sidereal, which is based off the visible sky, i.e. what we ACTUALLY see with our eyes, what is ACTUALLY happening in the heavens.

Further, while many tropical astrologers deal with more material, 3D things, the science of Jyotish takes into account the individual’s soul journey, while incorporating a vast toolset developed over thousands of years.

To help me (and you!) gain a better understanding of Jyotish/Vedic Astrology, I invited Bryan Easterday of Eye of the Storm Astrology on for this episode of The Vonu Podcast.

For more specifics on what we covered, please view the show guide below. And to schedule a reading, you can contact him at [email protected].



  • Bryan provides us with his background, philosophies, and how he got into Vedic Astrology
  • His focus on the soul’s journey, not short-term horoscopes
  • His discovery that the science of Vedic astrology being an incredible tool in understanding and studying natural law — examining the macrocosm to understand the microcosm
  • We’re not only here to correct our errors/mistakes/effects from earlier in this incarnation, but throughout our development of consciousness
  • The value Vedic astrology has brought to his life specifically: essentially, a greater awareness, appreciation, and understanding of himself and of others
  • Some basics of astrology, Vedic astrology terminology, elements of a chart, etc.
  • Vedic astrology is only one branch of Jyotish; how to speak properly, etymology, etc. Even if you aren’t interested in astrology, there’s a lot more on offer.
  • My coming across tropical (astrology aligned with seasons) versus sidereal (studying the visible sky, based off the stars) astrology debate — is tropical a scam? Useful? Bryan breaks down these schools-of-thought
  • Why some tropical astrologers can have good results
  • The Skyclock isn’t just an “out there” thing; in Ayurveda/Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are correspondences with organ systems, plants/herbs to be used as medicine, etc. We’re talking about timing
  • In Vedic Astrology, these body correspondences are called the Nakshatras
  • Some information on Bryan’s services & his application of Vedic Astrology; in couples readings, the focus on masculine/feminine
  • A lot of tropical astrologers do daily/weekly horoscopes; can Vedic be used for that too, or is it just for the bigger “soul” purpose?
  • Bryan pulls up a chart for 11/10/2021 and gives us an idea of what he sees when he looks at a chart & items to takeaway


  • He fills us in on his own homesteading efforts and plans on his 10-acre farm in rural Kansas



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