TVP #179: The Secret of Light, Walter Russell, & A Cosmological Foundation For Breakthrough Energy (with Matt Presti)(Breakthrough Energy for the Second Realm #2)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Matt Presti, former President of The University of Philosphy & Science, to talk about the mindblowing electric universe cosmology of the enlightened, Walter Russell.

As the second installment of our Breakthrough Energy series here on TVP, the cosmology of Walter and Lao Russell provides a fantastic foundation from where we’ve been, and where we go from here…

Please enjoy.


  • Matt tells us a bit about his background, path here, and how he discovered the work of Walter Russell
  • Matt’s “The Secret of Light” video series that got him noticed by the former President of The University of Philsophy of Science
  • An introduction to Walter Russell, the most famous man you’ve never heard of
  • The story of Walter’s magnum opus, The Universal One, published in 1929
  • Some of his discoveries were weaponized (such as predicting the creation of heavy water), leading to he and his wife, Lao’s, book Atomic Suicide
  • An introduction to Walter’s cosmology and how it differs from mainstream science
  • The main difference? Walter put the CREATOR back into CREATION
  • Electricity, magnetism, gravity, and the overall physics (see Atomic Suicide for the best explanation)
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  • Walter’s Optic Dynamo Generator, his breakthrough energy device that powered their 52-room university for a month
  • All about electricity/hydrogen and it’s role in Russellian cosmology
  • Another testament: Matt had a friend that installed a Brown’s Gas kit on his car 20 years ago and basically doubled his gas mileage
  • Bueller gives a rundown on Brown’s Gas, and other mindblowing uses of the Brown’s Gas torch (i.e. turning aluminum oxide into rubies or sapphires)
  • Does Flat Earth cosmology fit with the science put forth by Walter Russell?
  • Dark matter, quantum theory, the big bang theory, and other mythological, psychotic mainstream fantasies
  • Matt gives us a rundown on his work: documentaries, music, and other inspirational content at
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