TVP #186: Death Athletic – A Dissident Architecture with Jessica Solce

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome cypherpunk & crypto-anarchist documentarian, Jessica Solce.

On October 21st, her new film, DEATH ATHLETIC: A DISSIDENT ARCHITECTURE will release to the public.

This documentary features the full story of Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed, 3D printed guns up to today, Cody’s modern perspectives/outlooks, and much more…

It also includes a minute or two from The Vonu Podcast, and you can even see me when I attended the Defense Distributed Press Conference in Austin, following the news of Cody’s arrest/resignation.

Make sure to check out Jessica’s work, especially this newest doc, and share it around!


  • Jessica provides us with her background, how she got into filmmaking, and what got her interested in Cody Wilson & the broad topic of crypto-anarchy
  • No Control, her first documentary — off Amazon, rights are hers again
  • No Control — tries to show the debate on gun control, & asking the overall question: does it really mean anything when guns are everywhere, and the information to make them abundant?
  • Is there a personal philosophical alignment with Cody’s views, crypto-anarchy, etc.? Or just merely an interest?
  • Any interest in fiction movies? Such as turning #agora or BRUSHFIRE into big screen productions?
  • What has it been like to follow Cody Wilson around for almost a decade?
  • Samourai Wallet’s role as executive producer, helping to bring this documentary to fruition
  • End of September: trailer drops, pre-sales go live at; October 21st: launches on streaming platforms
  • What does “Death Athletic” mean? Where does it originate from?
  • View a screening at Hackers Congress 2023 in Prague; other freedom festivals? Maybe VonuFest5?
  • Her plans for upcoming films/documentaries?


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