TVP #187: The Coming Second Realm Infrastructure: Future Visions & How To Get Involved with Jamin Biconik

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back Jamin Biconik, our hardware hacker friend.

Herein, we discuss the developments of the GhostSystem, NextCloud as the backbone for P.A.Z.NIA infrastructure (i.e. P.A.Z.NIA Map, Jitsi/IPFS integrations, P.A.Z.NIA Lbry, etc.)…

And a couple of successes already:
1) The Advanced GhostPhone with Graphene OS is now available via Liberty Under Attack; and

2) The P.A.Z.NIA Jitsi Server — success! And a future proxy merchant idea?


  • Some P.A.Z.NIA Updates: the new P.A.Z.NIA Sea (pond) was dug out this week; Spring gathering will overlap with The Great North American Eclipse — April 5-9th here at Veritas
  • SimpleX Chats for the Department of Technology — get involved!
  • Permaculture updates? Nothing much, it’s on autopilot — focus is digital projects
  • Focus is replacing centralized cloud infrastructure with open source, self-hosted alternatives
  • Personal security setup (the GhostSystem) that interfaces with the Internet, other P.A.Z.NIA nodes, etc.
  • Jamin’s email address for technical support, GhostPhones, GhostPads, etc.: [email protected]
  • NextCloud as the backbone infrastructure for the P.A.Z.NIA Network; “the glue that connects the P.A.Z.’s”
  • Security considerations & implementation possibilities for the P.A.Z.NIA Map, hosted and accessed via NextCloud
  • The P.A.Z.NIA Department of Commerce: Second Realm Help Wanted/Classified ads
  • Some background on Darklance, and how this implementation is going to be much easier
  • P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly, coming soon, to discuss NextCloud, P.A.Z.NIA Map, and to bring those into fruition; stay tuned!
  • GhostPhone international shipping horror stories


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