TVP #65: Building The Cypherpunk Future with Frank Braun

On this previously live episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Frank Braun to continue this ongoing crypto-anarchism series.

Frank is one of the Berlin cypherpunks, a crypto-anarchist, privacy extremist, and dark net aficionado, building the tools we so desperately need.

Herein, we talk about:

  • His path to crypto-anarchy
  • His programming/developing work (specialties, preferred languages, etc.)
  • Scrit cash: A decentralized, untraceable electronic cash system (no blockchains, no ICO’s, no pre-mine, no bullshit)
  • Codechain: Secure multiparty code reviews with signatures and hash chains
  • Listener Questions
    • Finding balance between privacy extremism and convenience
    • Coming to terms with being a “public crypto” advocate
    • First Realm to Second Realm transitions
  • And much more!

Show Notes:
Frank’s Website (ALL his work is linked here)
Frank’s Twitter

Check out Liberty Under Attack Publications for books, privacy tools, & apothecary items to aid you in your pursuit of self-liberation, or if you’re an author looking for a liberty-focused publisher!

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