TVP #122 – Cerebral (Cognitive) Counter-Economics: Attention is a Currency

What are you paying attention to?

Traditionally speaking, agorism, or counter-economics, deals with the trading of black or grey market goods/services, despite the threats (lawfare) waged by the servile society, those who falsely imagine themselves to be our rulers.

Well, in a world where data is the new oil and unhelpful emotions (i.e. fear, anxiety, worry, etc.) feed the Babylon beast, it might be time to expand this philosophy and practice into the more non-material spheres.

Enter cerebral (cognitive) counter-economics.

The cerebellum is responsible for a lot in the body, from coordinating movement and maintaining homeostasis, to thinking, reasoning, emotions, and learning; other areas of the cerebellum also relate to the senses of vision, hearing, and touch.

That said, last year, in my very cerebral process of decompressing and disentangling from the servile society in our now-Church of Self-Liberation, our Nature Sanctuary here at The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA, I came to a really important realization as I was going through podcast-after-podcast, fearmongering video after fearmongering video. This realization was two-fold.

First, if you only focus on what the false masters of Babylon tell you to (i.e. news), you’re a victim of mind control, regardless of your position.

Government indoctrination camps, as well as immersion within a society of its “graduates,” both do a really stellar job at putting an invisible prison around the human mind. Strict doctrines are laid down and all of reality must be found within their manufactured bookends, lest you get ostracized, cancelled, or face potentially even worse fates.

These doctrines and most oftentimes, false belief systems, are then reinforced in “news,” Babylon entertainment (nowadays, primarily Netflix, whose founder is the not-so-great-nephew of Edward Bernays), to where it’s hard to even fathom anything outside of it, even for a freedom seeker – I can personally attest to this myself, until I dumped all of these toxic influences a couple years back (& longer for news). From flicker rates, to subconscious programming, all the way to outright propaganda, just as one interested in their health will detox their body, it’s absolutely critical to purge these detrimental influences.

Speaking more in economic terms, whether directly via the controlled outfits, or indirectly filtered through your favorite alternative media personality, this mind control is logged in the form attention, one of the most valuable forms of currency. In my experience, we tend to create (or reinforce) that which we give the most attention to. So, if your attention is wholly focused on the happenings of the servile society, by way of the script delivered to you by their news anchors (words have meaning – they’re anchoring you to this manufactured reality), it’s really hard to fathom creating anything new, focused on the old.

This fear-porn based culture does exactly what it is intended to do, again, fostering severely unhelpful emotions. And emotions certainly play a role in impacting action. As a couple examples, much of modern society is currently paralyzed by fear – fear of losing their 9-5 employment, not being invited to Thanksgiving unless they sacrifice their bodily autonomy, or whatever; and if not “paralyzed,” taking irrational actions, such as the Great Toilet Paper Run of 2020, when more efficacious routes most definitely exist.

That, and more importantly, influencing action contrary to one’s soul/life purpose, their reason for being here on this Earth.

This leads to the second realization: the more I bring my actions in line with my principles, the better I feel and the smoother life gets.

Referring back to the current state of society, it is assumed that if John loses his 9-5 job, things will be really difficult for him – he may lose his house or fall on otherwise hard times, even if only temporarily. And that certainly could be the case. But in my personal experience, as well as case study after case study, these radical shifts in lifestyle over the past couple of years have benefitted a lot of folks, and put them more in line with their purpose.

I’m not ignoring those who had trouble or were unable to adjust to the changes, but what I am saying is that what existed before 2020 was totally unsustainable to begin with and totally contrary to the goal of human freedom or empowerment. Even with hardship, it’s really for the best…to use a simplistic explanation, if you’re getting a new couch, the old one must be taken out to the trash.

I spent the entire first 20-something years of my life, basically fighting myself in an effort to do what I thought I needed to do to survive – do the 9-5, even though it was terrible for my mental & physical health, and was supporting an institution of slavery that I disagreed with to my core…but I couldn’t envision anything different, nor did I have any idea how to get the life I wanted.

It wasn’t until 2018, when I was somewhat forced emotionally and spiritually to quit a job that I actually rather enjoyed doing (an electrician’s apprenticeship), hurling myself into uncertainty and even worse poverty, as well as into a brand new city (Austin, Texas), moving into the apartment of my previous Vonu Podcast co-host, Kyle.

And I’m not going to lie to you – it was fucking rough. The cost-of-living there was exorbitant, and especially so with the surge electrical prices on account of the drastic need for summer air conditioning. Driving for Postmates was hardly worthwhile and though I had a work-from-home job for a short time, it was not near enough to sustain me. Though, I am extremely grateful I got to meet Kyle and live with him for a short while. Regardless…

This journey of the soul then led me to Acapulco, Mexico for a couple of months, and then here to the homestead, which I declared The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA just last year (2020).

And now, I can safely say, 2018 was the last time I had and will ever have a servile society job; a servile society job being defined (by me) as employment wherein your time is NOT your own…you are at the behest of someone else, even though it is voluntary and for a paycheck.

Since then, I have strived to live more in accordance with Nature and its cycles, a near impossible feat when still entangled with Babylon. Basic necessities are all covered, and I never really have to worry about food (at least for the foreseeable future). I’ve learned about numerous paths towards energy independence and am well on the way, with the help of many other self-liberators, in building a self-sufficient network of permanent autonomous zones. As of this year, I have the most wonderful freemate, one who shares in my visions – radical ones, like living on a sailboat sometime in the future. It’s all coming together, and while it does require work, it’s seamless…easy, even.

This is not to boast or self-aggrandize, but rather to provide an experience of an individual striving to bring all of their actions in alignment with their principles, and the results thereof. However you want to look at it, the universe, the Creator provides, and especially and recognizably so if you are carrying out the Divine Will of Natural Law – to put it another way, all causes have their effects and “we” as individuals are not immune from such corrections.

But none of this would have ever been possible if I hadn’t begun to disconnect and disentangle a number of years back, when I stopped taking where I was giving my attention for granted. My list of possibilities would have only included those within my awareness at that time, and was it limited. And surely, my actions would have continued to bolster a system of coercion that’s rotten to its Satanic core.

Just as we tend to create that which we give the most attention to, and just as in homeopathy, like heals & attracts like, our emotional state is a big determinant in what we experience in physical space and time.

So, in conclusion, I ask again: what are you paying attention to? And is it fruitful, a worthwhile investment, in bringing about the life or the world you’d like to see?



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