TVP #124: The Liberating Potential of Agorism with Brandon Aragon of Agorist Nexus

[10/10/22 NOTE: Brandon requested I remove this episode, since it contains some personal information regarding his liberated lifestyle in Mexico. Normally, I wouldn’t delete a podcast (& don’t think I ever have), but cases pertaining to safety and security culture are 100% more important. Thanks for understanding, and cheers from The Free Republic. -Shane/Rayo2]

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I chat with Brandon Aragon, founder of Agorist Nexus. Agorist Nexus features an agorist directory, podcast, an article “staff” of 14+ writers, and overall, just an incredible resource for anyone interested in agorism or self-liberation.

Herein, we talk about agorism as a path to financial independence; how this strategy has played a role in Brandon’s liberation personally; we re-examine Konkin’s overall vision of starving the State with the power of hindsight; the key difference between being an agorist vs. a counter-economist, the current need for counter-economic medicine, advice or experiences he can share in cutting ties to the State & transitioning to the agora, and more.

Make sure to check them out, subscribe to the Agorist Nexus Podcast, and support this great resource however you can!


  • Brandon introduces us to the Agorist Nexus website, what’s available, & how he got it started
  • He fills us in on his background & his path through minarchist constitutionalism to being a practicing agorist
  • How agorism has played a role in his life personally and what he’s up to in Mexico
  • Some of the hurdles of living illegally in a country, and how he’s so agorist, that his wife was even illegal
  • The more agorist, anarchist-type culture in Mexico compared to the USSA
  • Surprising black/grey market opportunities south of the border
  • Examining Konkin’s overall vision of agorism with hindsight — will the State be starved by the counter-economy or is it more so about liberating individuals in the here-and-now?
  • A big determinent is getting people from merely being counter-economists, to living the philosophy of agorism; or in vonu terms, being ethical enclave entrepreneurs that are invigorated by exercising their autonomy
  • The importance and relevance of counter-economic medicine — also as another demonstration of the efficacy of the agora, the Second Realm
  • Brandon’s international travel plans, obtaining multiple citizenships
  • Finding vonu for him made his pursuit of agorism and self-liberation more effective
  • Other strategies and solutions he would offer on escaping the First Realm/servile society
  • The importance of financial independence as being a first step towards liberation
  • Financial independence allows individuals to reclaim their time as their own
  • What’s to come from Agorist Nexus in the near future



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