TVP #149: Down The Rabbit Hole of Self-Liberation (Guest Appearance on #TeamRabbitHole)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, you’ll hear (or watch!) my recent guest appearance on #TeamRabbitHole with Jim and Raffael.

Herein, I cover my entire path to where I am today, building P.A.Z.NIA, and overall, we discuss the importance of spiritual self-liberation (and a bit of conspiracy!). Please enjoy!


  • My path here, the relevance of chronic dis-ease (type 1 diabetes, epilepsy) in my path, finding Bill Cooper, and the start of Liberty Under Attack Radio
  • Coming across anarchism, a primer on Austrian economics, how anarcho-capitalism/free market economics can be used as controlled opposition, & Mises’ funding from Rockefeller Foundation
  • Raffael speaks to some of his personal experiences with Austrian economics, going to a school that Mises attended in Austria, etc.
  • Mises’ personal connections or LvMI (Ludwig von Mises Institute) connections to Loyola University, a Jesuit school
  • My main focus on physical liberation, and the shift to spiritual/mental liberation
  • What happened to Rayo? Was his disappearance a positive or negative?
  • Coming across the Ayurvedic perspective on “diabetes” — juvenile diabetes causes are attributed to past life sins or sins of parents
  • My reasoning and process for arriving at spiritual/mental liberation and the role of cannabis
  • A discussion and thoughts on ways-of-eating/diets, the scam of germ theory (it’s all about the terrain!)
  • The importance of committing to something and sticking to it — big in defeating the self-pity, lack of confidence issue rampant in the servile society
  • My path to homesteading — Acapulco, tent camping in Texas, and then back to southern Illinois
  • The origins of The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA
  • Proxy merchants, how we interact with “legal entities,” and the decentralized network falling in multiple jurisdictions
  • Utilizing trusts, private membership associations, or the like (legal interstices)
  • “We’ve already won, we just have to realize it.”
  • Spirituality helps to overcome fear, worry, and doubt — considering reincarnation, this journey doesn’t ever end, etc.
  • Ancient Second Realms — Jesus & the Essene (link below)
  • The vetting process, how we interface with the servile society/Babylon, and the ethos/principles behind P.A.Z.NIA
  • Going beyond anarchism and taking liberation to different realms/densities
  • The use of pseudonyms: removing attribution & spiritually separating from the strawman
  • Utilizing the effective tactics of coercers for “good” — ideas from organized crime, clandestine operations, & governments
  • Resets, World Fairs, false timelines, Immanuel Velikovsky & Anatoli Fomenko
  • Coming events at The Free Republic

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