TVP #105: [BUILDING THE SECOND REALM] Insights from Somalia (& More) with Jim Davidson

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Jim Davidson to the podcast. Jim has had extensive experience within the libertarian/anarchist community, and especially so in the realm of community/country building…including a failed venture in Somalia.

“It’s time to stop being part of the system.”

-Jim Davidson


  • Jim’s history with libertarianism/his path, and how he heard about vonu initially
  • The Houston Space Society, the P.A.Z.NIA Secret Space Program, and spacesteading
  • The long-standing, ongoing anti-human agenda
  • Libertarianism, the general atmosphere of libertarianism in the 1960’s/70’s, and the relation with the servile society
  • Agorism and voluntaryism as alternatives to nonsense political crusading
  • Jim’s attempt to build a new Hong Kong in Somalia
  • The importance of free market money
  • E-Gold, the first real digital currency backed by gold/precious metals, and his involvement in that industry early on
  • How bitcoin changed the face of the world
  • The history of Somalia & it’s changes in government over the 20th century
  • The New Country Foundation in Somalia, 1996
  • Jim and his colleagues get a warning to go home to US in August 2001, and soon after, the West started bombing Somalia
  • His strategies for community building now, the Resilient Ways Foundation, and VALIANT
  • Organize around the zero aggression principle
  • The convergence of strategies — agorism, TAZs, PAZs, intentional communities, etc.
  • Josiah Warren’s work on intentional communities; Wendy McElroy’s analysis of it
  • The importance of people sharing meals…seems basic, but it’s true
  • The importance of a community money that issued and spent locally
  • Building anti-fragile, resilient communities
  • The developments he’s seen/been working on since September; overall community planning, an example of the process, etc.
  • MidFest & Agorist.Market
  • Utilizing our generative force of creation to build Eden, not Babylon
  • An update on VonuFest

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