TVP #6: Controlled Schizophrenia – Freedom or Neurosis?

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Shane and Kyle cover another topic Rayo discussed in his book, “controlled schizophrenia,” although it’s more significant than you might realize. Not only does it predate the anti-libertarian “Libertarian” Party and discuss what Rayo witnessed in his days (1960s-70s), it also explains what liberators are seeing today when it comes to the most recent election cycle (i.e. anarcho-capitalists endorsing Trump, Constitutionalists “making executive orders GREAT (and Constitutional) again, etc.).

This episode will provide an answer to the questions you’ve likely been asking: what the hell is going on and why?

Kyle’s Article: Controlled Schizoprenia – Why “Celebritarians” Are Glorifying Donald Trump