TVP #118: The Second Realm Notel (“Not A Hotel”) w/ JJ [SEEKING PROXY MERCHANTS]

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, JJ, a pseudonymous individual from the P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Correspondence Chat, joined me to talk about the notel (“Not A Hotel”) demonstrated in #agora.

We discussed what the inside of a Notel room could look like, policies & procedures, marketing such a Second Realm establishment, the role technology and crypto-anarchy play in the security and maintenance, the utility of proxy merchants in securing the Notel and potentially other proxy merchant services, pricing and profitability, and more (see the show guide below!).

Does this idea sound intriguing to you? Become a proxy merchant and start a Notel where you are! We’d love to help!


  • JJ provides a brief introduction into himself, his liberated lifestyle, & how he found vonu/P.A.Z.NIA
  • Why he believes it’s time for the Notel discussion
  • The Notel from #agora & an overview of the idea
  • The acquisition of Notels by proxy merchants in cities, whether residences, apartment complexes, etc., & the inevitable interactions with State agents (i.e. property taxes and/or business licenses) in the realm of hospitality, see Air B&B
  • Aboveground apartment complex or hotel with a number of rooms/areas reserved for self-liberators/vonuans
  • The prospects of a 4 or 5 bedroom home; downside of potentially nosy neighbors
  • How JJ sees the process of renting a Notel room looking like
  • The role of technology & crypto-anarchy in starting/maintaining a Notel
  • Escape/panic rooms for high risk self-liberators/situations
  • The vulnerability of wireless & the ease of hacking technology in general, & JJ’s solutions/remedies
  • Storage/mail boxes as automated trading stations, utilizing OpenTransactions (digital contracts) and maybe 2-of-3 bitcoin multisig
  • Supply caches, mail forwarding addresses, city squat spots, and more as other potential proxy merchant services
  • Anonymous errand running/delivery service
  • Data centers, hacker spaces, and trusted bitcoin full nodes & lightning network nodes to connect to
  • A premium price for a privacy-centric, vonu-focused “Notel” room?
  • Positives & negatives to take into account with pricing
  • Exchanging value-for-value, not necessarily profiting

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