TVP #115: Mushrooms, Vonu in Cities Revisited, & Expanding The Second Realm Network (Shane on The Agora Podcast)

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, you’ll catch my recent guest appearance on The Agora Podcast with Sek McGora and Penguin. We talked mushrooms as a potential route for financial independence, revisited the topic of vonu in cities, and expanding the Second Realm Network.


  • VonuFest2: what’s planned, and how to get invited
  • Mushrooms for culinary & medicinal uses & another route for financial independence
  • Our plans for raising bees for honey
  • Our experience canning/preserving; plans for Pemmican
  • Expanding the discussion to include the city folks — vonu in cities
  • Sek sees viability in using population/density as an advantage
  • We all share our experiences with city living; city psychological pressures
  • In terms of vonu, maybe it’s time to shift towards focus on private coercers for city vonu, since these coercive encounters almost always start with a call from a private individual
  • Other tips for self-liberators who find themselves stuck in a city
  • Guerilla gardening opportunities in a city setting
  • Get to know your neighbors and start putting together community activities (garden, water collection, etc.)
  • Van nomadism with city squat spots, whether as a lifestyle or way to accumulate capital
  • The P.A.Z.NIA Network as the next evolution of SMUMANS, the super hobos
  • Is The Vonu Podcast sometimes anti-vonu? Quite possibly, or after further reasoning, maybe not
  • Taking on a little risk to coordinate with others is worthwhile, and now, a necessity
  • The P.A.Z.NIA Department of Transportation and the importance of building a decentralized shipping/logistics network
  • White market driving jobs on a smartphone app; when they build up their reputation, they can move up to more grey market, potentially illicit items
  • And more!

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