TVP #110: Socratic Self-Liberation (& An Open Source/Bitcoin Update) w/ Max Hillebrand

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome back Max Hillebrand to the podcast. Max is a vonuan van nomad traveling across Europe, living primarily off of bitcoin. He’s an avid contributor to the Wasabi Privacy wallet and, well, much more.

He reached out to me recently and figured it would be a great idea to discuss some updates on liberation. So, here it is — check out the show guide for more on what to expect.



  • Rayo’s theoretical idea of “secure communicators” and how the model is in practice today via Bisq
  • The advancements in open source tech/privacy over the past few years
  • Taproot activations for improved bitcoin privacy
  • A short discussion on hard vs. soft forks in the crypto-currency realm
  • Wasabi privacy wallet update
  • BTCPayServer discussion
  • LBRY/Odysee as options to back up digital content
  • Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy!
  • A brief overview on the P.A.Z.NIA LBRY
  • The Socratic Method and the seminars Max is hosting
  • Gnosticism, secret societies, and natural law — why it’s all important & relevant to liberation

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