TVP Intermission #9: Pursuing Vonuence in South Chile

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, Jason Boothe and I examine another interesting series of articles from the new batch of publications; this one being the newly published Ocean Freedom Notes.

Ocean Freedom Notes, 1984-1990

Specifically, we cover:

  1. Islands of South Chile — An Untamed Frontier by Jim Stumm
  2. Self-Liberation Ways — The Burrow-Smiths of S. Chile by Rayo
  3. Comments on Burrow-Smith Lifestyle by Jim Stumm

In the first article, Jim lays out some basic information on the various islands in South Chile, namely the few populated areas, the wildlife, the climate, the terrain, other pertinent information for someone considering vonuing in the area.

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In the second article, we hear from Rayo about a hypothetical family, the “Burrow-Smiths,” and how they could build a highly invulnerable lifestyle in an underground structure on one of the islands.

Finally, in the third article, Jim provides some comments on Rayo’s thought experiment–he makes some valid points but there is a concerning recommendation he has which violates the autonomy of children.

This was a fun discussion, yet we understand that this may not be practical or even an option for most listeners. Nonetheless, this provides even more proof of how radical these freedom pioneers were and the drastic lengths they would go in pursuance of freedom.

Recommended Follow-Up:
1) An indigenous tribe in the area, the Alcalufe, was mentioned in the episode; for those wanting more information, check out the Wikipedia page, as well as the documentary (FREE online, make sure you have AdBlocker on), The Pearl Button.

Big thanks to Jason for guest co-hosting and for all of his help in proofreading these new publications!


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