TVP #73 [BUILDING THE SECOND REALM] #3: The Second Realm, Vonu, & Agorism (Compared/Contrasted)

Agorism is quite well-known in anarchist circles and is a great way to, both, live your principles and to regain some level of personal autonomy stolen from you from birth.

Vonu is a more lesser-known strategy, premised around individuals becoming as invulnerable to coercion as humanly possible. This is done by way of radical lifestyle changes and minimal contact with the statist-servile society, among other things.

So, where does the Second Realm fit in with both of those strategies? How are they similar? Different? Are they compatible?

Those are the questions we set out to answer, in this classic episode of Liberty Under Attack Radio.

Show Guide:

  • Defining our terms
  • Building the Second Realm is an act of strategic withdrawal, not unlike canceling voter registration
  • Proxy merchants/vonuans that engage in import-export need to stay somewhat up-to-date with the happenings in the First Realm/servile society
  • How the Second Realm protects agorists
  • Vonu minicultures as Second Realms
  • All of these strategies/philosophies being against political crusading

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