TVP #90: [Challenging The Consensus] A Tribute To David Crowe with Darrell Becker

On this episode of The Vonu Podcast, I welcome Darrell Becker on as we continue this #HealthLiberation / #SelfLiberation series. Darrell co-founded, runs Not Medical Advice, and is a holistic healthcare professional located in Hawaii.


Herein, we give a tribute to the work of David Crowe, an incredible researcher who questioned the viral hypothesis, that germs cause disease.

Show Guide:

  • Excerpts of David’s interviews and podcasts
  • How Darrell found David’s work
  • How Shane found David’s work
  • Fundamentally, David examined the vast amount of evidence that goes against the theory that germs cause disease
  • The Infectious Myth book project — who will write it now?
  • The State, their media outlets, and their technocratic counterparts are actively censoring any information that goes against germ theory
  • People will have a hard time accessing alternative information in the short term
  • The main problem of the 20th century: the Manhattan-style, country-wide, all industries-wide compartmentalization
  • The increasing difficulty of doing research on the First Realm Internet
  • David’s education/work background, his work with exposing the HIV/AIDS fraud, published articles/papers, etc.
  • The “Three T’s” of A Fake Pandemic (testing, treatment, and trading diseases — blaming nutritional deficiencies or industrial toxicity on a viral illness)
  • David’s calm, logical, and rational approach
  • Darrell and Shane’s recommendations on research in this area
  • The Terrain Theory of Disease (toxins and nutritional deficiencies cause disease)
  • Darrell’s shows on Brett’s School Sucks Podcast (“This is a test.“)
  • The brainwashing/trauma-based mind control of the Rockefeller medical school
  • Disciplined Minds by Jeff Schmidt (book and audiobook)
  • The dangers of outsourcing your health to an outside authority
  • Build your healthcare team
  • Jon Rappaport’s work on exposing these medical scams will continue!
  • The world is under a new type of warfare; David was trying to fight against it, but now it’s up to us
  • David’s interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman
  • Are productions like these dangerous? Or is blindly trusting authorities a bigger risk?
  • Other “dangerous” podcasts that challenge scientific consensus

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