TVP #205: THE IMPORTANCE OF “PSYCHOLOGIC” LIBERATION, & OTHER ADVICE [A Letter To Rayo & His Reply] (September 1969 Preform-Inform)

Dear Tom: Without reflecting on the coming “advantages” of the evolved welfare state, I feel it unnecessary to elaborate on the reason or reasons for my interests in nomadic living. I am perhaps what you have classified as an individualist-libertarians and recently evolved anarchist whose efforts have fruitlessly been involved with the “conservatives” and radical right. In other words, I just stopped compromising and faced the reality that coercion was the instrument and it did not make any difference whose hands it was in. I do want to do what I can but only in programs that are designed to diminish the powers of the state.

Anyway, my situation is as follows: I am a male married to a female, both in our 30’s, with four sons between 3 and 10. I am presently employed in a professional capacity by a large company, classified as a microbiologist. We are average normal type family and my wife and I feel as though the Grave Society is closing in rather rapidly and want to do something as soon as we are able and with advice from those as yourself. Presently, we are a little in debt but not really to any extent since most of it is tied up in our vehicle. So this would be no problem if I could perhaps relocate and squat with a suitable source of income. So really the whole thing lies in the fact, when to make the break and that would be based on what and where with the consideration of fulfilling my prior financial obligations. My plans are of course only partially projected. We have a late model van-type camper with pop-up top and tent which gives us plenty of room and mobility at better than average speed and versatility. This would be perhaps the primary mode of habitation and would be directed toward the warmer areas and or most comfortable for the seasons. Later perhaps a larger or another such unit.

I don’t particularly want to be a loner in this effort and would fully desire explicit practicing libertarians as associates, close friends, and “fellow travelers.” At the same time, I would like to have my sons exposed to and educated in an atmosphere void of coercion an authority as exemplified in the state-controlled systems. Anyway if you have any reflections on this, please let me know how you feel.

My interests and my wife’s as well are in the areas of art, painting, photography, decorating, camping, and just about anything outdoors and to do with nature. We don’t have any habits that are or may be considered offensive and we mind our own business.

I would prefer that you not use me as a case history, unless you care to revise and disguise my comments (done, Editor), as I would be easy to identify with the information I have given. I am presently preparing to go before a hearing at which I plan to refuse to allow my children to attend the state-controlled system of education on what I presently call sound grounds. – FRED (Middle Atlantic Coast)



I found as I suspect others have found that the main barriers to self-liberation are not economic, they are psychologic – status games. The libertarian must in most cases choose between:

  • Freedom, with adequate shelter (keeps out cold, rain, and insects; includes facilities for cooking and washing). Or, a house which will impress friends and relations.
  • Freedom, with adequately-nutritious food and occasional luxuries. Or frequent expensive home or restaurant meals.
  • Enough money to live comfortably and in freedom. Or a high salary and professional prestige.

I eventually discovered that, to be happy in freedom, I had to shift much of my self-esteem involvement from professional achievements to the attainment of freedom. (My profession, like yours, is marketable at present only within THAT society.)

As to our solution: School-age children tend to develop severe self-esteem involvements with the Sick Society through the influence not only of school but of playmates and entertainment media as well; the combination of which it is usually futile for the parent to attempt to counter. Since you have a well-paid skill but no financial reserves, you might consider getting your family “out” immediately, going into debt if necessary, while you continue in your trade for several years, building reserves. You might live in your van-camper while working, commuting to your family weekly or less often. A second, perhaps larger vehicle for your family might be well-used since not many miles need be put on it. (On the other hand, a second vehicle identical to your present one would have advantages in spare parts stocking and maintenance.)

In the West, you can probably find better squat spots and more companionship, but, should you not find suitable employment, the East will probably prove adequate for squatting. Avoid most of the middle of the country – between Appalachians and Rockies, south of the Great Lakes – or any area where almost all land is being farmed; nomads need “wasteland.” –TOM


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