TVP #55: Gun Printing 101 with IvanTheTroll

On this 13th episode of our crypto-anarchism series, I welcome back IvanTheTroll from the 3D printed, decentralized gun group, Deterrence Dispensed. After our first discussion, we figured it would be a good idea to get back to the basics, to put together a page with all the information necessary to get started in this exciting self-liberatory field.

In this discussion, we cover:

  • Terms/Types of Printed Guns
  • Types of Printers
  • Types of Polymer
  • CAD/Software
  • Where to buy gun parts/materials
  • What not to do
  • Listener Questions
  • And much more…

Check out the episode and the show notes for extensive resources!

Check out Liberty Under Attack Publications for books, privacy tools, & apothecary items to aid you in your pursuit of self-liberation, or if you’re an author looking for a liberty-focused publisher!

Show Notes:
Deterrence Dispensed Twitter
Deterrence Dispensed BitBacker
Deterrence Dispensed Keybase
Deterrence Dispensed Gun Streamer
TVP #51: Manufacturing The Means of Self-Defense – 3D Printing and Ghost Gunning

Ivan’s Links:

Ender 3
Ender 3 Upgraded Hot-End
Kit Prusa (You Assemble)
Assembled Prusa (Comes Assembled)
Prusa SLA Printer (Pre-Order)
Prusa Slicer

ABS (cheap)
ABS (expensive)
Nylon (Zytel)
Nylon (Glass-Filled Zytel)
Nylon (Stock Ender Printable)

Cura Download
Fusion 360 Download

Buy Guns/Gun Parts
Every Gun Part
Palmetto State Armory (Cheap AR’s)
80P Builder (Cheap Glock Parts)

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